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Phone: (718) 496-1589                            430 Doughty Blvd   127 East 105th Street                         

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Recoveries R US, LLC is an organization established in 2013, dedicated to help individuals who are interested in a career in the field of Counseling for Substance Abuse and/or Alcoholism. 


Our goal is to create an environment where students will obtain the necessary tools, skills, and education to succeed in the highly demanding industry of behavioral health. We pride ourselves in our unique approaches, that caters to the adult learner. Our strength lies in our ability to accommodate students that deal with the daily stressors related to an educational experience, while maintaining the demands of adult lifestyles. Whether you are returning to school or switching careers, Recoveries R US, LLC understands the intricacies associated with this decision. Students will embark in a professional environment, conducive to learning. Our classes are taught by seasoned professionals currently in the field of substance abuse. We use state of the art technology, OASAS forms, and easy to follow lessons. 

Your educational experience will be rewarding and memorable, We welcome you in hopes that Recoveries R US, LLC will meet and exceed your expectations. 



I want to take a moment to recognize those individuals that helped make Recoveries R US, LLC possible. 

Thank you, Roland Conner President of Project 1st Step. I am sure that our corroboration will lead our mutual business towards a new platform of accomplishments and success.  

I would like to thank Susan Plaza for her support, dedication and commitment to the growth of Recoveries R US, LLC.

Thank you Sensei David Klein Head Instructor of Tiger Schulmanns Mixed Martial Arts Englewood School and your family for being there for me, providing me support, and guidance.

I want to thank my son, Glenn Pacheco for his strength, support and humor. He is the sight of my dreams. 

Lastly, I want to thank Luis Baez for inspiring me to pursue my dreams of Recoveries R US....

Forever grateful,
Connie Pacheco, LMSW,CASAC