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Women Safe Workshop: Notably empowering 2 hour seminar facilitated by a rape and domestic violence survivor.  She has over 25 years’ experience in the field working with women and families and has specific training and credential in the latest statistics and information regarding rape and other violent crimes. The seminar focuses on providing integral information on rape, and becoming aware of the dynamics of Domestic Violence, Important insights, personal safety tips and general awareness issues are shared and discussed. Women will be empowered by the theory as well as the second part of the seminar which is a hands-on practical self-defense workshop taught by a Tiger Schulmann’s certified black-belt instructor.

Wellness & Nutritional Management: This 2 hour seminar provides a bridge to positive life alternatives to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Participants will begin by identifying daily stressors at home & work, while learning stress reduction techniques, to avoid burnout, medical and mental health problems. In addition participants will learn the value of healthy eating leaving with a full range of concepts design to promote healthy eating habits. Each participant will receive a comprehensive personalized eating guide. All participants will receive a complimentary week of core training to introduce participants to a proper exercise regimen.
(See Instructor Bio

Anger Management: This 2 hour seminar utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach to effectively and appropriately channel feelings of frustration and irritation. It employs relaxation techniques; the combine approach presents participants with options that draw on different interventions.  All participants will receive a complimentary week of core training as a conduit to diffuse and adequately process and excerpt physical energy which diminishes anger. (See Instructor Bio
Bully Prevention/Child Safe Seminar: This 2 hour seminar is specifically design to teach children how to recognize and handle potential dangerous situations. Emphasize is on creating a safe environment where children learn the importance of disclosure to adults, teachers and authorities when encountering situations of danger. Children will learn to recognize the warning signs of suspicious behavior, to avoid and discourage bullying, and to develop the necessary skills and tools to address these situations in a confident manner. Children will learn how NOT to be a target. Parents are welcome to attend as the seminar focus is powerful comprehensive detail oriented session that includes a 1 hour self-defense portion
taught by a Tiger Schulmann’s certified black-belt instructor.