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There is an increase risk of young adult mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and self harm or suicide in children who were bullied by peers.

Nearly 1 in 3 students report  being bullied during the school year ...

Do not  let this happen to your child


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Bully Prevention/Child Safety Seminar:

This 2 hour seminar is specifically design to teach children how to recognize and handle potential dangerous situations. Emphasize is on creating a safe environment where children learn the importance of disclosure to adults, teachers and authorities when encountering situations of danger. Children will learn to recognize the warning signs of suspicious behavior, to avoid and discourage bullying, and to develop the necessary skills and tools to address these situations in a confident manner. Children will learn how NOT to be a target. Parents are welcome to attend as the seminar focus is powerful comprehensive detail oriented session that includes a 1 hour self-defense portion.