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Recovery Coach Class May 2017 Testimonials. 

Awesome... and you have a great deal of information that was marvelously sent

Rene G. 

The training was an eye opener for me. Connie was a breathe of fresh air, her communication was clear and character was very outstanding.

​Rodney A. 

What a dynamic learning experience! Connie is such a wonderful trainer and makes the class interesting and fun. GOD BLESS YOU for sharing your greatness. 

Stacie W. 

I had an amazing experience at Recoveries R US. I got so much education and information as well as contacts and resources to use and offer. I would reccomend this school to anyone looking to be of service to the community. 

Aja W. 

Recoveries R US was a wonderfull experience for me. The training taught me how to  tackle many situations in a Recovery. I think Connie Pacheco is an awesome instructor and an inspiration to me. 

Gloria G. 

Recoveries R US provided me with education, training, and the tools  to commence my journey as a Peer Advocate. 

Laura. R.

​Loved the class. Extremely informative in a positive jovial environment. Connie is a wonderful, open minded, interesting & talented teacher. So glad I took it!

Jacqueline D.


Great Class!

Joaquin B. 

The training was wonderful. I enjoyed the class my teacher Connie was wonderful. i really learned a lot. Now what i learn I take to help others. Thank God. 

Colette S. 

Next Recovery Coach Training Scheduled for

October 16 - 20 2017 

9 AM to 4 PM


127 East 105th Street

Manhattan, NY 10029

Recovery Coach Class of June 2016


Tremendous sessions, very informative. the instructor made the atmosphere conducive to learning through her insightful knowledge of the course material. Excellent Class.

Lloyd G. 

I was enlighten  by the delivery and amount of  information provided in the training. It gave me a renewed spirit. 

Rodrigo H.

I enjoyed the class and I learned a lot in a friendly and compassionate environment .

Keisha G. K.

I have learned so much in this class and my teacher is the best. 

​Charlotte R. S. 

Connie is the best teacher the information is great and there is never a dull moment with Connie. 

Michael M. 

Recovery Coach/ Peer Advocate Training May 22, 2017

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Recovery Coach Class September 2016

Ms Pacheco showed interest in her students, she made sure we understood everything. Everyday was a new experience. She kept everyone interested in Recovery Coaching. I  enjoyed the class very much. I am glad I had this experience with a great coach/ person and in a great school. The class was rewarding. Doris P.

I want to thank Connie Pacheco for sponsoring my Recovery Coach Training. It was a good learning experience. It let me know that theres many different areas I could be of service . Thank you Connie Pacheco for your outstanding way of giving back what was freely giving to you.

Brenda B.

The Recovery Coach training was a great experience  and challenge. I learned so much from the role playing and having an awesome facilitator Connie Pacheco who I recommend to all who is interested in taking the Recovery Coach Training.

Annette R.

Recovery Coaching was very informative, I learned a lot.

Maya T. 

The class was a powerful experience for both a Recovery Coach and a Recovery and our instructor Miss Connie Pacheco was a well knowledgable instructor in the field of Addiction & Recovery.

Joseph M.

This Recovery Coach Class was very challenging and very worthwhile. Connie is a terrific and engaging teacher. A very Good Learning environment.

Joseph R.

Great experience, Connie is an amazing facilitator.

Steve N. 

Testimonials Class of February 2016

 The Recovery Coach Class of February 2016, participants engaged in a one week training proving to be passionate and  committed to the world of peer advocacy. These participants, practice thier skills, enjoyed a potluck lunch and share memories of a lifetime. Good luck to the first class of 2016.

Connie Pacheco is a great instructor. I have learned so much and its not just related to Recovery Coach. Everything that I learned can be applied in my everyday life.

Jeannine H.

The class was very informative and professional. Connie was humorous and gave us great insight on life and people.
Khadija S. 

This program is awesome. Our instructor connie was excellent. It was informative and knowledgable. I enjoy being in her class and with other classmates. It has been a great learning experience .Connie was wonderful and enlightening .

Diane W. 

​I found this training very informative  Mrs. Pacheco really took the time to make us understand what it means to be a Recovery Coach. 
Joseph P. 

Class was GREAT!
Sammantha K.

I really enjoyed the information and appreciate the tools I received, so that I may be able to help others. 
Victoria B. 

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Connie is a dedicated Allied for LGBTQ Community 


September 29, 2017

Come Join us as we celebrate Recovery Month

Recovery Coach  First Class of 2017 Testimonials

Connie is a Firework! She is vivacious, Bubbly, Knowledgable and knows how to teach and she does it with a smile! Great Course, Great Class, Great Teacher. 

Arnie Goldfein

One of the greatest teacher ( instructor) ever totally awesome. Best teacher in and for Drug & Alcohol addiction 100% REAL.

Joseph Mckenzie

The First time I met Connie I was offered an opportunity to sit in and watch one of her CASAC classes.   " I was blown away". After being in her Recovery Coach class I realized I had only experienced the tip of the iceberg. Connie is competent, intelligent, unique, aware, fun and extremely brilliant teacher/Coach/Instructor you name it, It Fits.

Keven Thomas

The Class was very insightful. It was great be use you get to meet new people who are very resourceful. The instructor was very clear on the materials of the course. I would reccomet the course to other people. 

Maria Vasquez

No matter how politically correct you think you are or ethnically aware of others, the Recovery Coach program has something to further open your prospective of interacting with others. Travel the road to reach a new destination and awakening

Donna Colon

I enjoy the program. The first day I was taken by the first exercise, I hope to be successful .

Jaime Moore

​The training was great! I will tell all my friends about his course. 

Valerie Moore

This train was truly amazing. It was enlightening, riveting, educational, empowering, and a moral booster. Connie is a fantastic instructor. She makes learning easy. I would definitely  recommend Recovery Coach Academy Training. 

​Daphne Marsh


I feel that this course was highly educational and easy to understand. Everything was explained clearly and if you had questions there was plenty of time for discussion. The class bonding was wonderful. the class is quick and not boring at all. it is a highly " evolved" way of teaching an leaves room for practice to apply what the teacher teaches you. Overall you will feel that you have a full understanding of all the aspects of being a recovery coach and confident in your ability to become a Recovery Coach. 

Breona D. 

This course has taken me to think more about my role as a helper and shown me errors in some of my techniques. It has been a very enlightening experience.

Michael S. 

The training was awesome, the atmosphere was conducive to learning, promoted cohesiveness. The instructor was knowledgable, and foster an environment for learning. I would recommend this training as it will enhance your skills set.

Barbara A. B

The class was very informative, the instructor is very professional and the students that attended the class process a lot of useful information

Seymour S. 

The training went above and beyond my expectations. Connie was amazing, professional and funny instructor that enabled bonding of students through her personal stories. 

Lee M.

This training was informative & educational. Connie's enthusiasim and passion were the conerstone of a great week. Every morning I looked forward to coming to school & hopefully the paths of my classmates & myself will cross again soon. Love you Connie

Kathleen J. CF

​I thought this class was very informative. I learn everything needed to help me become a good Recovery Coach, but I also learned how to correct my mistakes. 

​Martin A. 

The Recovery Coach Class of April  2016 proofed to be dedicated professionals that were powerful in their apporach and desire to obtain and enhance skills to assit in the Peer Recovery Movement 


Recoveries R US First Graduation Class

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